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The Younga experience

Our Schedule At a Glance

Four Week Leadership and Training Program

Youth Delegates only

Youth Delegates receive access to a bespoke four week leadership and advocacy training program by BridgingTheGap Ventures, along with curated career advancement and networking opportunities.

Innovation Masterminds

Youth Delegates only

Live sessions that connect Youth Delegates directly with VIP speakers in an intimate immersive setting to discuss global challenges, co-create solutions and exchange ideas. Shake the hands of peers around the word.

Global Programming

Open to everyone

Live streamed worldwide, our mainstage program features candid intergenerational fireside chats between influential leaders and young changemakers, along with an immersive 360 performances like our 2020 mixed-reality experience with Pitbull!

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Younga is an immersive event

delivered virtually using an intimate and interactive web conference format, allowing you to participate from your location of choice without sacrificing the quality of human interaction and networking experience.

Partake in...

Leadership Panels

Main stage segments featuring cross-cutting conversations between top-level industry leaders and young influencers on pressing global challenges such as mental health, the future of education and work, gender equality, climate change and social justice.

Fireside Chats

Candid one-on-one main stage interviews with VIP speakers with interactive audience Q&A addressing the hopes and concerns young people have for our future.

Virtual Masterclasses

Online keynote segment to provide nuggets of wisdom and teachable moments for audience members to improve their personal or professional lives.

Immersive VR/XR Performances

Main stage segments with immersive music, dance and other artistic showcases using cutting edge VR technology to produce a world-first experience. Connect with the performers in custom virtual worlds that bring their performance and message to life.

Our Thematic Tracks

Put your ideas at the centre of critical discussions—to shape the future.
We’ve selected five areas of focus for YOUNGA.

Future of Education and Work

Climate Action and Sustainable Living

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Equality and Inclusion

Peace and Justice

Cross-cutting themes




Be the first to know when registrations open

Be notified when we announce registrations, speaker
nominations and our 2022 program